3 Cooking Tips for People With Limited Mobility

Cooking is something many people enjoy not just because they love eating, but also because the act itself can be a fulfilling pastime. People with limited mobility, whether due to moving into the older stages of life, or a physical disability,  can find themselves with unique challenges when it comes time to practice their love of cooking. 

However, that doesn’t mean they let it stop them. With the right strategies and kitchen tools, cooking can still remain an enjoyable and empowering activity that brings you joy. Here are some of the best cooking tips tailored for people with limited mobility.

Shop For Specially Tailored Tools

Before you get started, it’s helpful if you look for specific kitchen tools made for individuals who have limited mobility. Things like easy-grip utensils, and appliances with voice controls can make each step much more manageable and easy to carry out. In other words, tap into the market of accessories and products that are made specifically for people like you. Why make your life harder, when you can make it so much simpler with the help of a few extra gadgets?

Streamline Your Prep

One of the most time-consuming aspects of cooking is the prep stage. From chopping to stirring to mixing to simmering, try to choose dishes that have minimal prep. For example, one pot dishes can make a wonderful choice for people with limited mobility, because you literally only use one pot. 

One of the most advantageous aspects of one pot meals is that they’re usually made in large batches, which can be frozen and stored to be eaten later.  Not to mention, when you only have one pot, there are a lot fewer dishes to do! i!

Another great way to streamline your prep is by purchasing pre-chopped or precooked vegetables. You can usually find things like chopped onions and mushrooms in the frozen vegetable section, and can significantly cut back on your prep time. 

Accessible Items

If you’re in a wheelchair, ideally, you should have counters that are easy to reach for your height. The height alone isn’t enough to ensure you can streamline your cooking process, however. You also want to make sure that you organize this workspace so that you can easily move around in it. Keep the items that you use the most in front so you can easily grab them as needed, and arrange your kitchen supplies in lower cabinets that you’re most likely to use regularly.

The more you can set up your kitchen in a logical and practical way, the more likely you are to have a positive cooking experience that makes you feel empowered and organized—regardless of your mobility.  Bon appetit!

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