BBQs 2U – Gozney Arc Accessories

Craft authentic pizzas at home with the Gozney Arc oven available at BBQs 2U! This powerhouse unlocks a world of culinary possibilities in your backyard, transforming it into a haven for pizza parties.

The Gozney Arc: A Pizzaiolo’s Playground

The Arc is a masterwork of engineering. It has a sleek design. The burner can reach to high temperature of 950°F (500°C) quickly. You can cook pizzas with blistered crust and juicy flavours in mere minutes.

Nevertheless, with the Arc you can even roast succulent vegetables, sear steaks to juicy perfection or bake artisan bread—the possibilities are endless, fuelled by gas power.

Become a Pizza-Making Maestro with Relevant Accessories:

You can complement your Gozney Arc with a selection of accessories to transform into a pizza-making maestro:

  • Arc + Arc XL Stand:This sturdy Gozney Arc stand elevates your Arc to the perfect cooking height. Crafted from durable materials with lockable caster wheels, it offers exceptional mobility and stability for your oven. The stand has wooden wings on both sides. You can conveniently use the space to prep ingredients.  The hanging hooks, allow you to keep your pizza peels and tools within easy reach.
  • Pizza Peel:A high-quality pizza peel is essential for safely manoeuvring pizzas in and out of the blazing hot oven. Look for a long-handled peel made from materials like aluminium or wood.
  • Pizza Stone:A preheated pizza stone absorbs moisture from the dough, resulting in a crispy crust with a satisfying crunch. Pizza stones are available in different sizes, choose one that perfectly fits your Arc.
  • Infrared Thermometer:Master the art of achieving the perfect pizza temperature with an infrared thermometer. This handy tool allows you to precisely measure the heat of your pizza stone and ensure consistent results.
  • Pizza Dough Tools:Elevate your dough game with a dough docker, rolling pin, and a proofing basket. These tools will help you create delicious pizza dough with the perfect texture and rise.
  • Arc + Arc XL Stand Cover: Protect your investment! Gozney offers a custom-designed stand cover made from marine-grade, weather-resistant materials. This breathable Gozney Arc covershields your oven and stands from rain, wind, UV rays, and even curious critters. It is a must-have for year-round enjoyment of your outdoor pizzeria.

The BBQs 2U Experience:

Beyond the fantastic products, you get exceptional customer service. Their educated staff can answer your queries, guide you through the selection process, and ensure you have everything needed to go on your pizza-making journey.

Invest in Memories, Not Takeaway or Home Delivery:

Forget about expensive delivery fees and underwhelming pizzas. With the Gozney Arc stand, cover, and accessories, you can create restaurant-quality pizzas at home, right in your backyard.

Fire up the Arc, and experience the joy of crafting delicious meals together with family and friends.

Follow BBQs 2U on Instagram to see images of new recipes their followers share. With the Gozney Arc and its dedicated stand and cover, be prepared to turn your backyard into a pizzeria paradise and become the envy of the neighbourhood!

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