How you can Freeze Dry Food

How you can freeze dry food

Would you like to compile your emergency or survival food su0pply cache which will continue for over 3 decades? Safe that you should eat for many years?

As an additional benefit, you are able to store this in your house at 70 degrees. It requires less space compared to original food starting with and weighs nothing. So, imaginable what you can store in a tiny space! The price is minimal also it does not even take enough time to make it happen.

How awesome is the fact that?

No special lengthy term storage equipment, stand out freezers or refrigeration or anything like this.

Here’s great news for you personally. Fraxel treatments can be obtained for that common man or lady. You are able to safeguard your loved ones by stocking your survival food cache without getting to pay for a leg or perhaps a leg. You’ll be surprised about how easy this method is perfect for everybody!

(The terminology, if you are interested are lyophilisation or cryodesiccation – but you don’t have to know these words – understanding the term freeze dried foods is sufficient!)

Figuring out how you can freeze dry food without costly gear

The opportunity to freeze dry food to preserve it was initially invented during The Second World War. It had been accustomed to get foodstuffs towards the front lines throughout the war so the soldiers could eat great, dietary foods. Just before using unique process, the meals shipped towards the soldiers would spoil without refrigeration coming for them. Unique process solved this massive problem. It did not take lengthy for that public to determine the worth within this process!

The procedure includes several steps:

First: Flash freeze the foodstuff. This is accomplished by freezing the merchandise extremely fast at very low temperatures. This prevents the ice from becoming crystals and damaging cells from the food.

Second: The moisture is taken away in the food by utilizing sublimation (altering it from solid ice to vapor) – Usually with the effective use of vacuum pressure chamber.

Third: Since the moisture is taken away, your meals are locked into moisture- and air-proof bags and put away.

All that you should do in order to prepare the meals to consume would be to add boiling water – this rehydrates the meals to the original condition. Yummy for you personally when you’re on the move with survival gear throughout a disaster or emergency!

There are many good questions you need to pose to yourself before you begin:

How rapidly are you able to build up your survivalist acumen?

And just how valuable is the survival package? Regardless if you are camping or backpacking as a result of natural disaster or crisis, you’ve got to be ready for survival.

In Your Own Home Unique Process – How you can freeze dry food

Vacuum Chamber

Utilizing a vacuum chamber, you are able to freeze dry your personal foods in your own home. Once you have frozen the food Place it inside a vacuum chamber having a pump level below 133 X 10-3. This makes the sublimation tactic to occur rapidly and you may prepare more food a lot sooner. When your meals are fully sublimated, it’s ready that you should devote your storage cache.

With Dry Ice

You should use dry ice to organize your freeze dried foods. Attaching the food in dry ice (CO2 inside a solid condition) can produce a near zero humidity atmosphere and carry out the process by efficiently drawing the moisture.

You may need a container than is double how big the meals you’ll be unique process. Utilizing a lockable plastic container is a very common choice. Punch a few holes within the lid therefore the gasses can escape. Put the dry ice and food inside a 1:1 ratio within the container. A layer of dry ice, a layer of food, another layer of dry ice may be the optimum method to put it within the container. Now put the container to your freezer to keep the dry ice solid as lengthy as possible. Look at your container every 24 hrs approximately before you observe that the dry ice is not. At this time, the food ought to be completely freeze dried and prepared for lengthy term storage. As mentioned before, put it right into a moisture-proof and air-proof container to preserve inside your survival cache.


You are able to freeze dry making use of your own freezer rather of the vacuum chamber, however it takes longer. First, cut the meals into small pieces after which lay them on a perforated tray within your freezer. Inside a couple of hrs the meals is going to be frozen through and thru. It will require in regards to a week for that full procedure for sublimation to occur (getting all of the moisture from the food). To check the meals, remove a bit in the freezer and let it thaw – whether it turns black, it’s not yet fully sublimated. Whether it does not turn black, you are prepared for putting it into air-proof, moisture-proof bags and storing it away. (Utilizing a vacuum sealer – such as the Food Saver brand – is the only method to make sure your meals are protected.)

Machine Dryers

Obviously, you will find machine dryers for use at home – however, they’re considerably more costly compared to procedures pointed out above to dry out the products you need to store.

Storing the meals

It’s highly suggested that you employ vacuum pressure sealer like Food Saver to safeguard your cache. Even though some everyone has been effective using zip lock bags, it’s so difficult to really get all the air out. To find the best protection, purchasing one of these simple vacuum sealers will help you maintain the need for your stored foods. You are able to complete your survival package by finding out how to freeze dry foods.

So what can be freeze dried?

Vegetables and fruit would be the easiest and good for you to organize in your own home. Keep in mind that just the water sublimates (is taken away) so acids and chemicals natural in foodstuffs will stay. From time to time, test the products inside your stash to verify its viability and effectiveness.