Ido Fishman’s Guide to Keeping Your Kitchen Filled with Right Appliances

In any person’s house, a kitchen is one of the most prominent areas that even the guests are welcome to take a look at. However, the use of the kitchen is to cook food and not start living in there. However, many people from around the world start installing different kinds of appliances and hardware inside the kitchens. These things not only make the kitchen look congested, but they also put the lives of people in a lot of danger. One major example is a television, which many people install inside their kitchens. There are many cases where while cooking, people ended up watching too much television and the cooker ended up blowing up.

Therefore, it is always essential to place appliances inside the kitchen that are handy and help you while cooking or may have something to do with your food items. This is where Ido Fishman, an experienced chef and an expert in restaurant/kitchen decorations, has shared his experienced to help you with that. Through his Ido Fishman Blog, Ido Fishman has helped many people whether it is restaurant kitchen presentation or with cuisine courses such as French Cuisine Course or Arabic Cuisine Course. According to Ido Fishman, following are the major appliances you need to have in your kitchen to make it look elegant, clean, trendy, and spacious.


According to Ido Fishman, a blender is one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen to have. Whenever you are feeling like having a juice, milkshake, make powders, or blend other eatables, it is the best appliance to have. These are light, transparent, tidy, and take very small space inside your kitchen. If you have a blender, you do not have to go through the trouble of having a mortar or pestle that require, space, time, and a lot of strength for blending.

Microwave Oven

This is yet another small appliance that has solved our cold food problems for good. If you ever feel like having your food a day after, or two, you can put it in yet another useful appliance that is a refrigerator. Then you can take it out and heat it in the microwave and then feast upon the food again. Most of the time, people like to keep them on the Kitchen Island or right next to the shelves. Some people with enough space in the kitchen have them installed inside the walls.


This is one of the basic appliances that can be found in almost every household. Whether it is a house, restaurant, hotel, or any other building, it would be incomplete without a fridge/freezer. It is an appliance that people even install inside their houses. However, the major trend is keeping them inside the kitchen. Logically, it would make more sense to keep the fridge/freezer inside the kitchen. It gives you easy access to items you need in order to cook food and to cool things up after cooking.

Toaster/Sandwich Maker

Every now and then, you may have a craving for a quick eating run. That is when a toaster or a sandwich maker can come in handy. These are some of the smallest and the handiest appliances that you can add to your kitchen and have perfect waffles, fried eggs, and a proper sandwich. Whenever you need a crunchy bread for a toast and to put an egg over it, toaster is the best appliance to make that happen.

Electric Chimney

This is one of the highest recommended appliances if you are highly concerned about health. Having an electric chimney in the house ensures that all the smoke and heat coming from the cooking goes inside the chimney. It is very essential for people especially who are asthma patient and as it is very common among people, therefore, chimneys can serve a great purpose. The electric chimney can even save you from fumes and other pollens that may end up causing harm while cooking.

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